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A CRM is a Customer Relationship Management tool. It refers to a system for organizing customer data. Typically, multiple teams interact with a CRM to extract insights from the database related to their goals. Sales, communications, and customer success teams can all benefit from a robust CRM.

Companies have many CRMs to choose from. Choosing the right CRM is about aligning business objectives with technology. First, companies need to understand which customer data points are most essential to achieving their business goals. Then, they need to decide which insights and analysis capabilities can best serve their customers.

CRMs are important because they allow companies to personalize interactions with customers. A CRM can track professional data about prior projects as well as personal data that assists with relationship building. For instance, before making a sales pitch to a previous client, a CRM can reveal exactly how much money they spent on prior projects. The CRM could also include notes on which hobbies or breed of dog the client favors.

Ultimately, a great customer relationship management system helps companies take the guesswork out of doing business. There are many other benefits to be gained by implementing the right CRM, and this document will review them all with a full roadmap.

Read more about Personal CRMs and download the full white paper here.

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