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The Complete Guide to Career Mapping

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Proxxy is your Executive Multiplier. Our trained professionals save you time, provide strategic counsel, and manage programs to grow your company. Each month we share a proven strategy our Proxxy’s use to multiply a leader’s effectiveness called the “Monthly Multiplier.” We sincerely hope it helps your business grow, inspires you to think differently, or ask for help.

What’s inside


An overview of the most popular career mapping outlines


The history of the development of career mapping


Determining the need for career mapping


Variables that impact your choice of a career mapping outline


Steps for implementing a new career mapping outline and program


Case studies on the effective use of career mapping

The Complete Guide to Career Mapping

Career mapping holds immeasurable benefits for a company. A successful career map should be unique to the employee and realistic for the business. A good career map will have both short and long-term benchmarks.


Invest in your employees, and you’re making an investment into your organization or business. In order to determine how much you can and should put towards career mapping initiatives, you should work with a budget analyst. This expert will help you develop an upfront budget for any proposed programs you want to implement. 


Your ongoing budget should be developed on a per-employee basis, allowing you to assess employees, determine the value of each position in your organization to your bottom line, and figure out what kind of training you can and should offer—and to whom.


The primary components of a program will include objectives, a framework, tools and systems to manage the process, and measurement metrics. 

Branding has come a long way since the 1700s, and has expanded to various aspects of life over the past couple of centuries. As numerous people began to display their name in the market, business guru Tom Peters began to ask questions regarding personal branding that forever changed the way marketers and companies view their brands. Since then, companies have utilized different mediums to build their personal brand including public relations, community outreach, digital tools, and most recently, social media platforms.


The fundamentals of customer relationship management systems monthly multiplier by proxxy

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The Complete Guide to Special Interest Groups

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The fundamentals of customer relationship management systems monthly multiplier by proxxy


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